Little Vines 11/6/20

New Little Vines. Here is this week’s array. Please note: I live in Pennsylvania, USA. My nerves are shot. My ability to concentrate is full of holes. This small number of Vines is all I could get done and I’m not going to try for any more. Next week will be back to more normal, I hope.

whether it’s macabre or not I don’t know but
I still say that old pink sponge
looks like a dead stomach turned inside out

The dictator threatens under the lights
behind him the truth completes its journey
arrives and bites him on the ass

I’ve already said I like the sauce
in the very modest number of ways
I can construct a tactful yet truthful sentence

10 thoughts on “Little Vines 11/6/20

  1. The middle one is feeling very apt right now. I love the first one because that image is so striking and I can truly see the way the grotty old sponge would look like stomach lining.

  2. Any creativity right now is a valiant effort – this prolonged uncertainty is a vortex! I live in California, which wasn’t contested for a nanosecond, but never have I stared at maps of Pennsylvania or Georgia so much and for so long…

    • There was a live feed of ballots being counted in Philadelphia put out by the city, I watched it off and on for days. Strangely calming. My area is very blue and I’ve never seen so many signs, banners, etc., homemade things hung over railroad bridges, banners draping a roof, just wow.

  3. 4426: yes for a continuous bite—I can only imagine how stressful it has been — even from across the border I’ve been feeling it and purposely limiting my consumption of news reports. A difficult road ahead but am very happy to hear of Biden’s win.

    • Thank you. I am exhausted, relieved, and taking a mental rest, to prepare for the conflicts ahead. But with any luck or providence, we will be able to stay inside the normality fences as a society. Oh, please, I hope so.

      • Yes, I hope so too. An exhausting time for everyone although at different levels depending on circumstances and involvement. My thoughts have often gone to those involved in counting votes..what a gruelling time for them! Take care. Despite the potentials for turbulence ahead I am hoping this change will help steer the US and “neighbours” or “associates” away from the brink. A major wild card is still you know who.

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