Just Enjoy Yourself Poetry Marathon Week 45

I know this week will be full of drama. There will be little space in my mind for poetry, I think. I got busy today to make sure I would accomplish this week’s session.

It was a chilly and very blustery day, with strong wind gusts blowing away the remnants of the heavy rain we have had for the last couple of days.

Leaves are leaving the trees quickly. These trees are in my back yard.

I had a variety of subjects I worked on today – I had saved some ideas up from last week. And I work under the eyes of these two entities – they are garden statues in my back yard and I can see them right outside my window.

They are always silent, keeping their thoughts to themselves. Not like me, I guess. Anyway, let’s get going. Here are a couple of items from today.

This haiku is not seasonal, at least, not for this season.

The messy pleasures
of top-heavy ice cream cones
and hot afternoons

My husband and I visited a local museum yesterday afternoon, viewing an exhibit of abstract paintings from the 1950’s. I like abstract work (I guess I’d better since I also do it myself), but we found these a bit pretentious and to be honest, kind of boring. I think there is sometimes a lot of intellectualizing of an artwork that attempts to inflate an image of modest impact into a larger one. Or maybe I just didn’t get what was going on. But I have decided I’m going to go with my own impressions. That’s what this poem is about. What I thought.

the painting
is quite zero for keeping the eye
owes a large apology to
the color red
is framed very nicely.
Its self-esteem
relies not so much on
a visual understanding with a viewer
as a series of numbers you both comprehend.
You find the whole package
and you obey the urge.
Your credit card please.

I guess this shadorma runs along the same lines, except that the subject is words. I do have my nerve, it seems, ready to judge just about anything. Once again, no apologies. After all, what that also means is, you can think what you like about my art or writing, too, right? Although I hope you’ll be kind in how you make your observations where I can hear them…

His new book
like a haiku of
quite lovely
but zero
sense-making strings of words that
got lost and gave up


OK, that is it for today. I’ll show you something I saw in my yard as I went into the house after taking the above photos:

At the base of the post is part of a paper wasp nest. I love to find these structures and to look at them in detail. There is no doubt in my mind as to the wasps’ skill or the beauty they have created.

7 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Poetry Marathon Week 45

  1. I am impressed that you are managing such levels of creativity in this context. My brain is far too distracted and frazzled to accomplish much. I agree with you about wasp bykes. They are fascinating in design and texture.

  2. Wow love the sculptures in your garden, especially the ornate wasp nest, very cool. Im curious to find out what local museum you visited? I haven’t been to any since before the pandemic.

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