Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 42

I continued the activity I’ve been doing the last few weeks, writing to fit some random photos I took around my house. I’ve finished up the array of photos so I think next week there will be a new plan.

I also wrote some poems from cards I made from random phrases cut from discarded library books.

I’ll see if I can include some of each of these categories.

Here are two tanka for the same photo. I guess I really like my glue. Here is the first one…

The orange twist-cap.
The rounded contoured body.
The bottle of glue
and how well it fits my hand.
I squeeze. Watch the first drops fall.

and the second one…

His rounded shoulders.
His jaunty orange ribbed cap.
Friend since my childhood.
My sticky fingers grasp tight.
I squeeze him in affection.

A shadorma. I run the thread out until it is gone and then some.

spool of white
unwinds its last turns
The machine
pulls the thread
the greedy needle consumes
beyond the last inch

A shadorma. I used these for various art show purposes; an enormous box cost the same as a few tags. I have found many uses for them.

shipping tags:
blank manila card
hole for string –
this box of one thousand for
as many journeys

I feel as if I may have already written something for this picture. If so, well, I did another version, didn’t I? I have several measuring tapes, and they feature in my earliest memories, because my mother sewed all our clothes when I was a child and we always needed to be measured because we were always growing! Here is a shadorma.

Springed Out
and now gone Disrolled.
Busted off
too-tight Tight
for Detwistification
and then Laid-Out Flat.

Here’s a phrase poem from late last week. I put it on a postcard and mailed it.

frayed-nerves iguana mom
ungainly in looks agile in pragmatism
overlooked the kookiest antics of her daughter
the frothiest flippant teenager she’d ever seen
instead she took delight in
the ultraviolet swoop of her offspring’s tail

Lacking a photo of the iguana mom, here is a view of my studio and my desk in a double exposure. Kind of like my head feels when I have a lot of ideas rolling around in it!

Thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 42

  1. An interesting series on household items. I can relate to your double exposure photo! 🙂
    Historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wrote a book that focused on early American household items as a way to discuss larger stories and issues.

  2. The double exposure shot is such fun. It almost looks like a collage. I really enjoyed all of the poems about the household items. In the UK, we know that type of glue as PVA and I have always loved it. There are few things as satisfying as coating a hand in glue and then peeling off the whole hand in one go.

    • Thank you. I took a class in phone photography and this was something I learned (or the app taught me very easily). I have always liked the layered look of double exposures and I agree, they are collage like. Interesting juxtapositions occur.

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