Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 41

I’ve got a busy week coming up so I thought I’d get right on to the Marathon today. I might do another session later in the week if there is time. We’ll see.

I continued last week’s theme of writing to photos of scenes around my house. Here we go.

Two laundry baskets and this is what they said to me. A tanka chain.

Two laundry baskets
sit empty on the high shelf
elderly ladies
wearing shapeles shirt-dresses
settled comfortably close

on a bench. They talk,
or not – worn hands clasped in laps –
arthritic knuckles
hold in place loose wedding rings
of a style fifty years old

A tanka. In the closet.

something orderly
salves me. stacks of towels rise
by size and color
linen closet a refuge
a small but potent healing

Pillow on my living room sofa. A haiku.

byzantine plot twists
and the cool gray sofa blames
the patterned pillow

Lamp in bedroom. Shadorma.

cream blouse and
tan-white patterned-dot
pencil skirt
your face young
painfully eager to please.
Sketch: first job first day

A shadorma for beaters from my little mixer. I will be making a cake later this afternoon, by the way.

Cake batter
Mixer whirls the bowl –
Flour sashays
with butter!
Sugar hops! Cake in oven –
Let’s lick the beaters!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 41

    • I kind of wonder myself where this one came from, but – I looked at the photo and immediately this is what I thought. Funny thing, these baskets have been around for 25 years, they have their own real story, but this is the one they chose to project to me???

    • You know, I have had these baskets for maybe 25 years, we used them to sort clothing in our old house but in this one I got a different style to fit in the room. These “ladies” still get out and work for me, I use them a lot. They don’t make ones like these any more…

    • Thank you. Re the lamp, I looked at the photo and immediate saw a personality and clothing. And to top it off, in real life the lamp and its companion twin are new, and so they have new jobs!

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