Here is another of those two-sentence stories with poetry added. I’m thinking of them as “Minuscule” and quick to read.

Read the first Minuscule, the explanation of why I wrote it and got started on this idea, and search under the category Minuscule for others in the series.

And now – all the Minuscule stories have been made into a print book – each story with a pen and ink illustration. Click to see Minuscule on Amazon.


The young man paced across the stage with energy, gesturing to the rows of faces looking up at him as he worked the crowd: Look around you, be alert, because in any setting you may find that special someone willing and able to be your accomplice in reaching your goals, in helping you succeed, in making it possible for you to reach your profit-making potential, and that person is possibly even sitting right in front of you! and he grinned in response to the ripple of laughter.

Despite his expert performance playing the shill to this demanding audience, the young man was not at heart a natural skeptic; his learned street smarts were good enough that he experienced, noticed, resisted, and was amused by his urge to check for his wallet, but they were not sufficient to stop his eyes as they passed over the face of a middle-aged woman several rows back, her light blue eyes speculative, cold and assessing.

Stepping in
a fast-running creek
beware of
the drop-off
where the current has arranged
your next big stumble

(Shadorma 108)





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