Here is another of those two-sentence stories with poetry added. I’m thinking of them as “Minuscule” and quick to read.

Read the first Minuscule, the explanation of why I wrote it and got started on this idea, and search under the category Fiction/Poetry Combination for others in the series.


Watch yourself in the mirror and punch right at your nose, the instructor shouted, and the body combat class swept on in waves of kicking and jabbing, the bunch of suburban women in Dri-Fit gym outfits strangely intimidating, the swinging ponytails and the child-like bright-patterned shoes threatening in some indefinable way.

Or so it seemed to those watching from the other side of the mirror, a group standing one precisely one dimension over in the up direction, a group of tall thin – not exactly human – figures who looked at each other and then, as one, shook their heads; without further discussion, the tallest made a mark on a tablet and said, Let’s try a different planet, don’t you think?

Pink as tough as red
the knife concealed will cut you
held by any hand

(Haiku 387)

Clay tile lady kickboxing 4x4 1-18 small

Clay tile, lady kickboxing, 2018.

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  1. Ha ha! Love it! You know, if alien life forms have ever visited our planet, it would be totally understandable if they had a covert look and then decided not to let their presence known as they skedaddled to other areas of the universe.

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