The Open Road

From Catch Up With Summer, published in 2015.


The Open Road

Traveling on the highway reveals
in a way that nothing else does.
When you stop at the rest area
keep this fact in mind.
The parking lot is not enough of a transition
from motorist to pedestrian status
to feel safe in taking your attention
from driving
even though you have left the car and are on foot.
The lady who cut you off while changing lanes
a few miles back
will most certainly do the same to you
as you move toward the line
for buying a hamburger
for your lunch.
Consider yourself warned.

They Look Like Toys parking lot Jenkintown train station approx. 2002

Jenkintown (PA) train station, approximately 2003 (?).

10 thoughts on “The Open Road

  1. I have never thought about it before but you are so right. I also found it peculiar to be travelling around the Plains states and not be honked at once. I don’t think I heard a horn blast more than twice the whole time. I have become so accustomed to the Philly driver addiction to honking horns that not hearing horn blasts felt odd – refreshing but odd.

    • I remember growing up in Tennessee it was against the law to honk your horn except in emergency. No self-expression. I love Philadelphia driving – a nice combo of aggression with rules (but you do have to know them) and then that odd moment of serendipity when everyone drives happy…

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