Here is another of those two-sentence stories with poetry added. I’m thinking of them as “Minuscule” and quick to read.

Read the first Minuscule, the explanation of why I wrote it and got started on this idea, and search under the category Fiction/Poetry Combination for others in the series.


The roses all died, poisoned by the after-bath splash sprayed on them, though who knows why or how it got into the canister that should have contained aphid-killing solution, or indeed, why such an innocuous substance should have hurt the roses at all. No one thought to check with the aphids, and that was the first and last mistake, the fatal lack of insight that allowed the whole thing to run its course, the regime change on Planet Earth that had as its beginning the moment when millions of people stepped into their showers to wash their hair.

In plain sight
unseen. Snubbed one time
too many.
The payback
a subtle plan unforeseen
by the prideful blind.

(Shadorma 42)



5 thoughts on “Payback

    • Yes, and we make enemies in the wrong places when we try to “fix” things to our liking, too. There is such a fine line in keeping a balance in nature and some is our fault, some not, but we need to pay more attention. There, you have my whole philosophy!

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