Here is another of those two-sentence stories with poetry added. I’m thinking of them as “Minuscule” and quick to read.

Read the first Minuscule, the explanation of why I wrote it and got started on this idea, and search under the category Fiction/Poetry Combination for others in the series.


I am the hottest chili pepper in this kitchen, said the shiny red beauty, and don’t you ever forget it!

Strong words, said the knife, but never mind me, and a quick series of staccato taps made short work of that rivalry, the knife glancing up from the task and around the room with a thin sharp smile: Now, who wants to step up next?

Lines drawn and cut straight
The whole now lies in sections
defeated by pride

(Haiku 381)


Gold square with red around it ATC 8-26-15 small

Artist trading card, 2015.

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